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Coaching Services

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Do you want to become a better runner? Improve endurance and run faster? Do you want to learn how to prevent injuries and stay healthy? 

Do you want to gain knowledge about fueling and hydration? 

Coach Aaron Saft

Aaron has 30+ years of running experience and 20+ years of coaching. He is a certified USAT&FLYDIARD FOUNDATIONRRCA and UESCA coach. He will build a customized plan for each individual, provide open communication and feedback, and help you reach your running goals! 

Coaching Philosophy:

I believe that running is a journey that should be shared and enjoyed along each step of the way. By coaching, I create a partnership with each individual athlete in which we get to know the individuals needs and ways in which we can find the most success in helping the athlete achieve his or her goal(s) through training. We cannot be successful without building trust in one another, and that begins with our daily honest communications as to how the athlete is performing in running and how daily life may be affecting their run for the day, week, or beyond. I believe in a comprehensive approach to training in which we have to consider the athlete’s history with training (successes & failures), strengths & weaknesses in training and how we can capitalize on the strengths and strengthen the weaknesses, and keeping a long term view for the athletes longevity and health in the sport. My goal for each athlete is to keep them healthy and enjoying the sport in route to helping them build stamina & endurance, while getting faster & stronger. 


Aaron's coaching fee is just $125.00 per month. 

Here are some of the key features of Aaron's coaching services:

  • Online Training Plan Using Training Peaks Premium Edition

  • Daily Feedback & Weekly Email and Communications

  • Flexible Schedule Changes

  • Private Facebook Group & Zoom Live Q &A Sessions

  • Running Form Analysis

  • Footwear and Gear Selection

If you are interested in finding out more about Aaron's coaching services, send him an email inquiry here --->

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